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Motivational Keynote Presentations

Hawaii, my home, is a place of extraordinary beauty and gentleness. I incorporate the culture, history and beauty of Hawaii into my presentations to give you an unforgettable experience. I include stunning visual images of erupting Hawaii volcanoes, the powerful ocean and serene mountains, and other images unique to these islands known as paradise throughout the world.

My presentations are motivational, practical, educational, and entertaining. I combine useful skills with inspiring, uplifting stories and messages. My goal is to impart a deep sense of awakening to the power and courage within you while giving you tools you can use every day to improve your life.

All of my presentations are customized to meet the goals and needs of the audience. After learning about the challenges and issues that your group faces, I will deliver a presentation designed to be a powerful, memorable and life-changing event.

My unforgettable events are the perfect blend of depth, substance, practical solutions, humor and inspiration.

Living Life with Aloha

Living your Life with Aloha is the perfect presentation to make your convention, conference or meeting in Hawaii an extraordinary event.

You have heard about Hawaii’s “Aloha Spirit,” but what is it exactly? In the Hawaiian language, “Aloha“ means love, compassion, sympathy, kindness or grace. But what is the real significance and meaning behind the word? 

In this dynamic presentation, Annabel speaks to the deeper importance of Aloha and shows how living your life by the principles contained in this one word can be the key to happiness and fulfillment.

Having lived and worked in Hawaii for most of her life, Annabel has a deep respect and understanding of the Aloha Spirit.  In this inspiring presentation she shares the wisdom and knowledge contained in Hawaiian history, culture and traditions. Stories from old Hawaii illustrate the essential principles of Aloha and show you the way to overcome your challenges, embrace change, and achieve your goals.

Aloha is much more than a greeting -- it is a way of life. Living Life with Aloha is a one-of-a-kind presentation that will give you all you need to know to live a life of peace, happiness and success. 

Putting Your Dreams To Work

In this life-changing motivational presentation, Annabel takes you on a journey of achieving your most heart-felt goals and dreams. 

Annabel’s powerful true-life stories are interwoven in a tapestry of success principles and the Hawaiian spiritual concepts she presents help you visualize, energize and reach for what you want most in your life. 

Annabel will inspire you to discover your most important dream and then show you how to commit to it with a sense of urgency, take action, persevere through challenging times and focus on the final result. 

At the dramatic conclusion to Put Your Dreams to Work, Annabel presents her signature Kukui Nut Celebration.  Annabel’s intimate connection with Hawaii inspired her to bring forth this unique and powerful celebration. 

The Kukui Nut is a symbol of light, enlightenment, hope and renewal. Each participant receives their own personal Kukui Nut, a gift from Hawaii, to take home with them.  During the celebration, participants renew their goals, dreams and life vision.  The Kukui Nut then becomes a focal point of belief and commitment. Lives are changed and results are achieved.

Handling Change in Challenging Times

Whether it is change in your organization, your job, a relationship, or your health, major transitions are difficult for everyone. Do you collapse under pressure or do you relish the opportunity for growth? Your attitude, perspective and actions make all the difference. 

When change happens suddenly, it’s like a volcano erupting -- the turmoil disrupts everything.  The lava eventually cools but we can become stuck and not able to move forward with our life. 

Annabel will show you how to see the positive benefits of change and how to turn the disruption and pain into new opportunities and a new life. She will teach you how to see what’s good about change and how to create options and solutions. You will be able to see things differently, start fresh and move from tragedy to triumph.

When you have mastered the skills to effectively deal with professional and personal change, you will be more adaptable, more resilient and achieve even greater results in your life.

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