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Q. Why do corporate executives and meeting planners hire you as a speaker and workshop trainer?
A. They see positive results in their businesses and in their employees.  Their people become more productive and their organizations are more successful.  The tools they receive are practical, effective and can easily be incorporated into their personal and professional lives.

Q. How are your presentations different from other speakers and trainers?
. My presentations are practical and entertaining. They create positive, long-lasting changes.  Complex ideas become easy to understand.  I show people how to overcome adversity.  People feel that if I did it, they can too.

Q.  What advice would you give to people who have not reached their goals?
A. First, you have to know what your goal is.  Second, you need to have a sense of urgency.  With urgency you will stay motivated to take action.  Third, you must be focused and refuse to give up.  Commitment is essential to achieving results.  The most important element in accomplishing goals is believing in yourself. 

Q.  You have the reputation for being a great story teller.  Why do people say that?
A. My stories are unique and from real life experiences.  You won’t hear them from anyone else.  They are humorous, and meaningful. My stories are an effective way for people to learn and remember the points I make during my presentations.

Q.  If someone was describing Annabel Chotzen to a friend or colleague, what would they say?
A. They would say that Annabel Chotzen empowers people to believe in themselves and achieve the greatness that’s already inside of them.  She shows people how to break through their preconceived ideas of who they are and what they think they can accomplish.  She’s authentic and sincere -- she lives what she teaches. 

For some, my message motivates people to see that they “can do it too”.  For others it’s a gentle push to rise out of their comfort zone and really go for what they want in their professional and personal lives.

People say that they not only feel better about themselves, their relationships and their work, but my presentations give them the tools to build a more successful and productive life.

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