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“I had the great fortune to hire Annabel Chotzen to provide a keynote presentation to the Geoprofessional Business Association’s conference in Hawai’i.  Even better, I was able to attend the presentation and learn about the rich history and culture of the Hawaiian people. 


Her presentation was informative and inspiring and her passion for Hawaii poured out to all in attendance.  Annabel challenged us to focus our lives and grow personally and professionally by weaving a compelling story and prompting action through her gift of Kukui nuts. 


I highly recommend Annabel Chotzen to anyone who is planning a conference or a meeting in Hawaii and I recommend her to anyone that wants to add the Aloha Spirit to their conference beyond Hawaii.”

          Joel G. Carson

          Senior Vice President, Kleinfelder Inc.


"The Aloha spirit that resonates within Annabel is contagious."

          Cheryl Caleca, Director Human Resources

          Tom Ryan Distributing Company


"Great session, very positive! Annabel taught us how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our workforce. I learned how to embrace my own dreams and those of others."

           Matt Fortier, President

           Fidelity National Title & Escrow of Hawaii

Annabel presented great workshops that focused on the specific areas that we can immediately use to improve our business and be more successful.”

          Douglas Lee, President

          American Council of Engineering Companies of Hawaii


Your presentation was extremely well received by our delegates and generated great comments. Your warmth coupled with your compelling stories and obvious passion for life gave our delegates a greater understanding of the images and thoughts that touch their lives on a daily basis.  Your ability to relate shared experiences in an inspirational manner was a brilliant way to strengthen our convention.  Thank you for a job well done.  I know that all of our members will remember their time in Hawaii and your presentation has guaranteed a greater business future for all of our delegates.”

          Wayne Wood, General Manager

          Schwarzkopf Australia & New Zealand


"We were greatly impressed, and remain so, by your presentation. You have helped us adjust to the ongoing changes in our company with an improved perspective.  With high regard and personal thanks for sharing your experience and valuable insights.

         Carl Hebenstreit

         President, Trade Publishing Company


“I’d like to thank you for a fantastic day of training. All the managers gave positive feedback as to the material presented and your creative interaction with the group that allowed them to participate. Our company will reap the benefits of investing in this one day event.”

          Dale Hastie, Vice President, Corporate Development

          Title Guaranty of Hawaii, Inc.


“Annabel’s presentation was outstanding!  I was very impressed with the information I received about behavioral styles because it is at the core of being a successful doctor.  She did an exceptionally great job of teaching us how to excel as communicators to improve the quality of our practices and all areas of our lives.”

         Dr. Leonard Breda, National Dental Association  


"Of all the speakers I have heard, Annabel Chotzen was the best ever!!! I loved every minute of it. I can use this information at work and at home to better myself."

         Noreen Koki, Escrow Officer, Fidelity National Title and Escrow of Hawaii

"Your talk was very well received by all and the feedback was nothing less than spectacular."

          Dr. Chris Travis, Pacific Coast Society for Prosthondontists


Great presentation.  Energized and powerful speaker!”

          Michael Correa, Market Claims Manager,

          Allstate Insurance Co.


“It was a wonderful experience having you speak to us.  You provided a wealth of information.  All of the information provided can be included in my work environment and personal life.  I liked how you described the different generations and how they handle change.  As a Director, I needed to know this.  Thank you very much!”

          Madeline Chang, Director of Housekeeping, Resort Quest Waikiki


“Fabulous presentation!  We loved Annabel’s dynamic seminar and her creativity in promoting one’s thought processes to include excitement and anticipation for change and the belief that dreams are worth working for!!”

          Wayne Mininger, Executive Vice President, National Onion Association


Mahalo nui loa for sharing your energy, enthusiasm and expertise at our NOVL conference.  You were fantastic and we were all inspired and motivated to apply what we’ve learned from your presentation.  Thank you again for being such a wonderful workshop presenter.”

          The Network of Volunteer Leaders Executive Council


Great Speaker—Mahalo!  Great Story-Teller, Heartwarming!  I will recommend you for future engagements.”

          Stephen Peters, Market Distribution Leader, Allstate Insurance Co.


“Excellent Presentation.  Gives you hope for your dreams.  Annabel was Great!”

          Carolyn Damont, California Independent Grocers Association


“Great job.  Your presentation made me really think about change and how I need to better adapt to it!  I learned how to interact with people who have different personalities.  I loved the group interaction.”

          Lisa H. Franzia, Special Events Director, Classic Wines of California


“Excellent Presentation.  Great group involvement.  I learned how to be a better listener and understand people.”  

         Richard Kritsky,  C&S Wholesale Grocers


“What an enlightening presentation!  Your demonstration of communicating with different personalities was very informative.  I feel that each and every one of us will take something from your presentation to improve our work environment and our home life.  Thank you!”

          Lynne Kipi, Clerical Supervisor, U.S. Probation Office


"Annabel Chotzen is a great speaker, trainer, coach and educator.”

Willie E. Jones, Toastmaster World Champion


“After twenty years and thousands of dollars spent to learn more about myself and how to live a fulfilling life, I found Annabel Chotzen.  Her message was so simple, truthful, and to the point.  The impact was greater than any other seminar.” 

Diane Lobre, Marketing Specialist

“From your presentation, I gained insights into more effective communication.  I learned a lot that I will immediately apply in my life.  Thank you!”

Michael Barkin, President, Advanced Die Supplies


“All of the ideas and thoughts really rang true for me.  I can immediately apply everything in my life.”

Donna Spagnola, President, Central Beverage


“Excellent presentation.  Very meaningful.  The sales techniques were very useful.”

          Renny Pang, Agent, Allstate Insurance Co.


“I loved the clear, enthusiastic, informational presentation.  I received great information and facts.  Now I have a realization of the tremendous diversity of the generations and how to reach each person.”

Gerald B. Powers, Co-President, Powers Distributing Company, Inc.


“You projected a wonderful aura of sincerity that grabbed your audience and kept their attention riveted on you and your message.  It is unique; it is a quality that many speakers lack; it is probably the most important reason I want to hear more of your speeches.”

Robert. E. Will, Lt. Col., United States Air Force, ret.


Excellent content…Really a heart grabber!...All the right ingredients.  Deep, personal meaning all can relate to.” 

Karen Bauder, Health Plan Consultant


“You gave a wonderful presentation.  I love how you speak with passion and conviction. I will reaffirm these beliefs everyday.” 

Robert Fodrox, Sales Manager, Lakeshore Beverage


“Valuable ideas for transforming and improving my work and my life.  Great examples to illustrate important points.  Practical, pragmatic suggestions.”

Kevin B. Carey, Technical Director, Die Info, Inc.


“Annabel is a natural at reaching her audience.  Her talks are informative.  She takes the complex and makes it ‘real’ with sincere and engaging warmth.  What could be more important in this era of information overload?”

Pam Warnken, Vice-President, Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii


“Her gifted interpretation of life’s experiences adds to the mastery that she demonstrates as a speaker.  Often at the end of her speeches, I have that silent moment to reflect, and I say to myself, yes Annabel, that is so true.  Thank you for sharing yourself with me…a powerful inspirational speaker.

Warren C.W. Chee, Educator


"Ms. Chotzen presented many great ideas which we had not thought of before.  The workshop helped to determine effective ways to handle different types of people."

Matthew Fernandes, Platoon Leader, U.S. Army


"It was a great presentation.  The staff talked about how good you were and how much they enjoyed it."

Fran DeMattos, Director, L. Robert Allen Monstssori Center


“Great job!  Very useful information which I can take with me.  I can immediately apply what I learned in dealing with different personalities and communicating better with my family.”

Dan Johnson, Customer Service Manager, Jonco Die Company, Inc.


You have a beautiful message.  People need to hear what you have to say”

Nick Della Valle, The Self-Esteem Team


"Great presentation.  Great customer service advice and tools for excelling and communicating.  Everything discussed can be used in my every day job."

          Debbie Anoina, Administrative Assistant, Seagull Schools


“The presentation was great.  People opened up.  I learned how to take steps forward and involve others in the process.”

           Leo Laskowski, President, Barcus and Company, Inc.


"Annabel's motivational speech to our military youth during our 2014 Youth Leadership Summit was refreshing and very insightful. Annabel was the only presenter throughout the week who received an overall score of 5 out of a possible 5 from all youth in attendance.


After the event many youth shared that their perspectives were changed significantly, and that Annabel had helped them to not only address the challenges they were facing, but to encourage their peers to do the same."

          Travis Mckinney Youth Services Specialist 9th Mission Support Command,

          Ft. Shafter. Honolulu, Hawaii 


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